What is Norton Security?

Norton Security is one of the Symantec’s award-winning software that shields your computer from cyber-security threats and identity theft while safeguarding your online activities and important data files. It is an excellent all-in-one security solution. Norton Security offers 3 packages for users depending on the level of protection. They include Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium. Give the details a look:

With a single Norton Security Deluxe subscription, up to 5 devices are protected. You will get advanced security helps protect your private and financial information when you go online. And Norton Security Premium subscription provides protection for up to 10 devices, plus it includes 25GB of online storage and it does PC backup and restore. Both of the plans safeguard against online identity theft, protect important files, and keep your PCs tuned and running at their peak performance. For users that don’t need a coverage for more than one device, Norton Security Standard is an option. A subscription to this service provides protection for one device, being that a single Windows PC or Mac computer, or one smartphone or tablet.

Overall, Norton Security leads the industry in protecting your PC and Mac computers, smartphones and tablets against viruses, worms, browser hijackers, and other online attacks. It provides real-time protection against existing and emerging malware including ransomware and viruses. Meanwhile, the software gives comprehensive protection that you can’t get from free antivirus software or your computer’s operating system. Norton Security also helps people block malicious websites, and prevents you and your family members from unsafe downloads. Each of the three Norton Security products is completely automated and easy to use. Once you get it downloaded on your PC, it uses less memory and won’t reduce your PC performance. Instead, it tunes up your PC to keep it at its peak performance all the time. If you are using Norton Security on your smartphones and tablets, you will be safe from loss and unauthorized access to your personal information.

With over 30 years of security expertise and 14 security centers located all around the world, Norton Security is trusted and used by millions of people. The software covers proactive web protection, mobile device tracking, advanced privacy technology, cloud-based backup, firewall protection, rootkit protection, pulse updates and so on. It does more than you think and provides sophisticated benefits that all computer users need. Whether you are the novice or an experienced programmer, Norton Security is a best online security tool that you may need for your daily life.

Not sure if Norton Security works on your device? The system requirement is listed below:

  • Windows Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows XP (all 32-bit versions) with Service Pack 3 (SP 3) or later
Microsoft Windows Vista (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later
Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (all versions). Some protection features are not available in Windows 8 Start screen browsers.
Microsoft Windows 10 (all versions). Edge browser not supported.

  • Mac Operating Systems

Current and previous two versions of Mac OS X. Password Management feature not supported.
Norton Family and Norton Family Premier features not supported.

  • Mobile Operating Systems

Android 4.0.3 or later. Must have Google Play app installed.
Android 4 or later required for Norton Family Premier Android app.
iOS 8 or later.

Published on June 27, 2018 Deshawn S. Denham