What is Avira Antivirus Pro?

In the digital world, people can’t live with a computer. Antivirus software becomes one of the most important software for securing files, documents, photos, and others on your PC from the malware, virus, and others. There are different types of the antivirus brands available in the market but the Avira is the popular brand. Millions of people use Avira antivirus to protect their PC for  safety. Avira Antivirus Pro is one of the best products offered by Avira that used to detect and remove viruses. It is the next-generation security for your identity, finances, and private data. With Avira Antivirus Pro you will get the freedom to email, socialize, and browse the web safely. This software is available on both Windows and Mac OS. Compared with Avira free version, the pro one comes with more advanced features. The real-time blocking of phishing and infected websites feature adds an extra layer to protect your online shopping and banking transactions. In addition, it offers an award-winning protection from all kinds of viruses, Trojans, worms, Ransomware etc. Avira even offers best-in-class technology that help repair any damage caused by malware to your files. Plus, its device control feature allows its user to control user access to USB or external hard drives. It greatly reduces the risk of being infected by unknown USB device. You are also able to relish your ducky game without being interrupted by infuriating notifications, with gaming mode available.

Cyber-criminals eyes are always wide opened looking for login credentials to espy, even credit cards and other private info are what they consistently search for. So whenever you are on the Internet, your login credentials, credit card data, and other private info could be compromised. However, Avira Antivirus Pro keeps your identity safe and secure all the time. It scans your PC and blocks keyloggers, rootkits and spyware for you. Not only these, Avira Antivirus Pro also blocks malicious websites, drive-by downloads, and hijack attempts on your web browser – not to mention phishing attacks via social networks and email. Optimum security is what this program offers and nothing else. With Avira Antivirus Pro, most durable protection is guaranteed with advanced management combined with the power of cloud computing. You won’t be a victim of a hacker, trackers, and snoops anymore. Avira ensures you superior performance and security with zero impact on device performance.

System Requirements:

  • A PC running Windows 7 or higher (with Service Pack 1 and the latest updates)
  • Or a Mac running OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher.
  • 2 GB of RAM, over 2 GB of hard disk space, and an internet connection


As for the pricing, Avira Antivirus Pro starts with 34.95€/year. Its advanced versions Avira Optimization Suite and Avira Total Security Suite cost 44.95€/year and 84.95€/year respectively. Depending on the number of the devices you want to protect, price will be different. It supports protection up to 5 devices. The price for protecting 3 devices for a year is 44.95€ while 5 devices is 54.95€.

Whether you want to shop safely, browse anonymously, or optimize your PC, Avira has the right solution for your digital life. Avira Antivirus Pro is considered being a superb antivirus program, which can prevent malware attacks in the accurate and efficient way. The product offers a 30 days money back guarantee. You deserve this award-winning premium solution!

Published on July 24, 2018 Deshawn S. Denham